​​NONMALT × タテタカコ


会場 月見ル君想フ

日時  2021年 6月10日(木)

18:00開場 19:00開演(予定)


District NONMALT vol.3 開催決定
本イベントは、NONMALTの自主企画として2019年に発足。3回目となる今回から会場を南青山・月見ル君想フに移し、歌と言葉に丹精を注ぐソロシンガーソングライターと言葉を用いないインストバンドであるNONMALT のコントラストに主軸を置いたツーマンライブショウとして、入場時のドリンクチャージをも排した文字通り完全無料のライブイベントとして再構築。音楽に導かれる貴方の「興味 = 知的欲求」に応答致します。
"District NONMALT" is an event produced by NONMALT since 2019. From this as the third time, the venue is moved to Moon Romantic, and the live show focuses on the contrast between a solo singer-songwriter and an instrumental rock band NONMALT. Also, "District NONMALT" is reconstructed as A COMPLETELY FREE ENTRANCE live event. We will respond to your "interest = intellectual desire" guided by our musical universe.
NONMALT is an instrumental rock band that started to activate in earnest in the beginning of 2020. The hectic whirlpools of the groove and the dreamy melodies that bring back nostalgia, sublimate even the listener’s soul. The composition of the musical instruments is also unique and rare. There’s a harmonica player in the band and they mixed the style of Post Rock, Dance Music, and even the Primitive Jazz to give out an originality which is pretty organic.